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Prague history in dates

1085first Bohemian king -prince Vratislav 11
about 1230founding of the Old town quarter
1257founding of the Lesser town quarter
about 1320 founding of the Hradcany quarter
1344Prague Bishopric promoted to Archbishopric
1348Charles IV founded the first University in Central Europe
1419-1437 Hussite movement
1618-1620 Prague Defenestration and the battle at White Mountain were the first signals for 30 years' war
1883opening of the National Theatre 1918 Prague became a capital city of the independent Czechoslovak Republic
1939-1945 occupation by Nazi Germany
1948start year of the Communist reign
1968Prague Spring -attempt to create socialism with human face, military intervention of five member states of the Warszaw Pact
1989Velvet Revolution, Vaclav Havel elected President
1990free elections
1993after the split of the Federation, founding of the Czech Republic

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